TM Department Synchronization API


Talent Manager Departement Synchronization contains  the same functionality as Talent Recruiter.

Manager now has it's own department-syncronization API. No documentation has been explicitly created for this yet, as it is the same as Recruiter-version, but at a different address.  
The API base-address is the same as for the other Manager Remoting API's: 

There are two main URLs to know when using Remoting Web Service:
This URL returns the full WSDL of the Remoting Web Service. Use this to create service reference, various proxy models and validation rules.
This is the primary URL of the Remoting Web Service and offers endpoints for SOAP 1.1 over HTTP and HTTPS.

Follow Recruiter API-specification to view it's capabilities for now, but use the above base-url when implementing it.
Recruiter Department Synchronization API.