Logging in HRMTS

HR Manager products have several levels of logging

  • Activity log (for customers)
  • Application log (for HR Manager)
  • Server logs (for HR Manager)

The activity log is personal to each customer and can be configured for detail level. With the activity log the customer administrator can:

  • See who has been logged in to the system
  • Retrieve records about who has accessed personal resources, like candidate information, and candidate's files and other personal identifiable information
  • Keep record of failed login attempts

The customer sets the lifetime of the log, and the log is only accessible from within the HRMTS application. 

The application log does not contain personal identifiable information and is only accessible by HR Manager employees protected by corporate identity login. The log is used to:

  • Get telemetry about usage of the system
  • Detect anomalies
  • Retrieve information about specific failures or other issues.

Application logs are deleted based on verbosity and purpose:

  • Logs from console applications are deleted after 7 days
  • Logs from web application with telemetrics are deleted after 60 days
  • Logs from error handler Elmah are deleted after 60 days.

The server logs are kept on the host computers running on Telecomputings server farms. These servers are only accessible by a limited group of HR Manager employees and the logs are used to:

  • Retrieve information about OS and server related failures and issues.

Our server logs are overwritten based on verbosity and log size:

  • Standard setup with the last 20 mb are kept.
  • IIS logs are kept 30 days