Talent Recruiter offers multiple integration options. This page presents a brief overview of these options.

Which Integrations to Use?

See Which Integrations to Use? to learn about integrations suitable for your needs.

Vacancy List

The most commonly used integration a Customer needs is to list the vacancies, that they can get into career pages on company's website.

There are three ways to achieve that:

  1. Talent Recruiter as a standalone career site

  2. Vacancy list in iFrame on career page

  3. Vacancy list and advertisement through API

Single Sign-On (SSO)

To enable a seamless option for users to access the system.

Read more about Single Sign On


This is a read-only API, designed to deliver data to the Customer's others systems.
This could be a Workforce Management system, HR System and likewise.
The Customers can get information through the API about candidates, positions, departments, that have been added the System.

Remoting API

This is a writable API, designed to send information into the System.
Customer's can use third-party systems, like SAP.
This is a SOAP based API.

Department Synchronization API

This API is part of the Remoting API, allows synchronization of department hierarchy from Customer's third-party systems.

User Synchronization API

This API is part of the Remoting API, and allows synchronization of users from Customer's third party systems.

Proxy Web Service

This is a special Web Service created for a government sector.
It has capabilities to push information out from the System and into Customer's third-party systems on their network.
The most common use of this integration is to archive recruitment documents, such as advertisements and candidate applications, to Customer's archiving systems, and to export hired candidates to their ERP systems.