CNAME for Attract

For ReachMee we offer a product called “Attract”. This is a site for customers to market the company and list open position(s) to potential candidates.

The standard website URL for Attract is This address can be changed to another address to be customized for specific customers' requirements, for example, “”.

To do this you need to create a CNAME record in your company domain DNS settings for directing “” (example URL) to When this is done, please contact our support team via e-mail so we can finalize the configuration at our end and make this new address operational.

After you have gotten confirmation that Talentech has done our update you need to update your page so it uses the new link you have created.

Since there are many different DNS services, both on-premise, and cloud-based, the method of creating this CNAME record may differ between the DNS services. If you would need guidance on how to create this record in your DNS, please contact the DNS service provider your company is using.