SSO with Azure AD Marketplace App

Please note that the Talentech Marketplace App does not allow guest accounts in your Azure AD to sign in. If you need to allow guest accounts, you need to create your own App Registration and use

If you are using Azure AD and want to set up Single Sign On, you can use our pre-defined Azure Marketplace App for easy setup.

To get started, we need to know your Azure Tenant ID and domain name. Below is a step by step guide on how to get started.


1. To find your Tenant ID and domain name, log into the Azure Portal and navigate to Azure Active Directory.

2. On the Overview page, you can find the Tenant ID and Primary domain. Send this information to your contact in Talentech.

3. When we have received your AAD information, we do some configuration on our side and will send you a test URL. With this test URL, you can verify that the configuration works.

Make sure you log in with a user who has admin rights in your Azure AD so you can authorize the setup for your organization.


4. When you are asked for permissions, tick the checkbox “Consent on behalf of your organization” to make sure the SSO setup is granted for all your users.

5. After successful login, you will see a summary showing if you are sending us all the required claims.


6. If everything goes as expected your SSO configuration is ready for activation and you can arrange the activation date with the Talentech team.