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Please read the API Usage Notice before implementing API consumption. This api will by default get 25 positions and have a max on 100, to change this or do paging please read the section about common parameters for RESTFul apis


HRMTS provides a set of RESTFul Web Service to retrieve various information through Third Party Systems. The function of this Web Service is restricted to read-only. The User api shows users connected to departments and does not support direct lookup of user id. Details are not shown.


The Web Service methods return data stored in the System as XML and JSON as the other APIS.

URL Format

All the Web Service methods use a common convention in their URLs. The URLs consist of parts for customer alias, API key and method name. E.g.:{CUSTOMER-ALIAS}/Users/

When calling an API method, simply replace these parts with proper values.

titleAPI Key

Calling the above API requires an API Key with the key name "apikey". This should be sent as a request header.

Below is a curl example to fetch candidates for a customer using restful service passing API Key and value in the request header.

Code Block
titleCalling API with an API Key as a curl command
curl{CUSTOMER-ALIAS}/candidates/ -H "apikey: {API-KEY-VALUE}"  -H "Content-Type: application/json"


The node for items include the list of user data objects.

Code Block
            <Details i:nil="true"/>