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Please read the API Usage Notice before implementing API consumption. This api will by default get 25 positions and have a max on 100, to change this or do paging please read the section about common parameters for RESTFul apis
Notice the API have a connection timeout on 180 seconds.


The RESTFul APIs in the System are read-only, and designed for to deliver data to Customer's third-party systems, e.g. SAP. The RESTFul API is divided into two main categories:

  1. Public API
  2. Private API

The public API is restricted to deliver data over vacancies created in the System. This API does not require any authentication, as this information is public anyways, and  used on Customers' career pages.

The private API is protected with authentication (API Key) that is configured uniquely per Customer. This API is designed to deliver information that is relevant during integration with third-party systems, such as SAP. The most common use of this API is extract information about new hires, and feed into internal ERP systems.


Please read the API Usage Notice before implementing API consumption.

All RESTFul APIs have capabilities to deliver data in both XML and JSON. The delivery format can be specified by adding "/xml/", "/json/" (or "/rss/" where supported) and the end of URL paths.